TSA security

All passengers at Great Falls International Airport are subject to TSA security.

TSA security at Great Fall International Airport has special security measures; travelers are required to follow the rules. Transportation Security Administration advises passengers to arrive at the AirportAirport at least two hours before their scheduled departure flight; procedures may take a long time, make sure that you have enough time for security checkpoints and other security procedures.

Security screening

TSA security at Great Falls International Airport provides a TSA screening procedure, which is proposed to prevent dangerous and prohibited items from the airport area.

During the TSA screening procedure, passengers are asked to remove personal items such as shoes, belts, coats. There is also a carry-on baggage screening procedure, and passengers are required to remove electronic devices larger than cell phones and place them into the bin for X-ray screening.

TSA security provides the TSA Precheck application program. TSA Precheck applicants can go through the security screening procedure very quickly, and comfortably, applicant travelers don't have to remove their items such as shoes, belts, outwears.

Legal documents

Travelers at GTF international airport are required to provide original ID-compliant forms for identification to board on the flight. Passengers can have a brief I.D. paper, and also don't forget to bring two other types of I.D. such as marriage licenses, birth certificates or social security or credit cards. Passengers, if not identified, wouldn't be allowed to the security checkpoint.

For traveling, passengers are required to provide the following documents at the airport checkpoint:


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